Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you in charge of your life?

I just finished listening to a very inspirational webinar put on by the company that my husband and I are involved with. Add to that, I am feeling inspired and empowered by Chris Gardners' latest book, Start Where You Are. He is the author of the book Pursuit of Happyness. He is also the person behind the movie of the same name that starred Will Smith. That story is about one year in his life. It was a turning point for him.
Everyone makes decisions on a daily basis that will ultimately determine where they will be in the next week, month, year, decade, etc.
So, my question to you is, "Are you in charge of your life?" Are you doing the things that you love to do? Or the things that you have to do just to stay alive?
Do you determine what time you will start work at your job? Or does your boss? Do you have job security? Yes, you do today; but what about tomorrow? I have lost count of the number of businesses that have been around for 20 years+ that have gone out of business or that are going out of business within the last year.
Will you be able to retire when you are 65? Or will you have to work part-time just to cover your medical insurance or pay for your prescriptions?
I have been working for a local charity for 8 years. The growing trend that I have witnessed first hand is that when husbands retire; wives go back to work. Why? Because in most cases, the women are younger and their husbands' retirement benefits are not keeping up with the high cost of living. Are you one of those individuals? Do you honestly believe that you will be taken care of when it comes time for you to retire? Do you believe that the government is going to bail you out?
What are you doing today to provide yourself and your family with the assurance that your financial needs are going to be taken care of?
I have read it more than once in the last year, that the only people that are guaranteed financial security are those that own their own businesses. However, to get started in most businesses you need to invest several thousand dollars and then in over 90% of those situations, the company you start will go out of business. What then, is the solution?
Network marketing is just about the only business model that is thriving in an economy like this. You have to be careful in choosing one to get involved with. There are a lot of scams out there and quite a few of them do not cost a lot to get started with.
To set the record straight, network marketing is not a "pyramid scheme." In a pyramid scheme, the operative word is "scheme." No product is being sold. You earn money just on the concept of getting other people to make an investment; there is no residual income involved. The guy at the top earns most of the money. In my opinion, that is a small part of what the traditional corporate structure is about. The guy at the top earns all the money, while the people at the bottom work like slaves to help him earn his millions.
Network marketing is an area where my husband and I have a TON of experience. You do not need to invest a lot of money to get started in most network marketing companies. Usually $500 or less. Most of them have excellent products, although in a good number of cases they are over-priced and you could just as easily purchase similar quality at your local retail store. More often than not, only about 5% of the people who join these companies will ever achieve an income that they can retire on. What about the other 95%?
I have a few questions for you. If there were a network marketing company available to you today that you could start for less than $40/month; that is producing life-changing products that are truly revolutionary; that also provides a meal for hungry children in your own neighborhood; that has executives running the company truly do care more about your success than their own bottom line; that are providing FREE training; would you make the decision to take control of your life and get started today?

If you answered, YES to the last question and are ready to take control of your life TODAY, take a FREE TOUR and learn more about how YOU can make those changes to your life. Don't delay!

What are you searching for?

Most home-based businesses have great products. However, from what Allan and I have witnessed, most home-based businesses are plagued by compensation plans that benefit the company and its executives. The distributors are often the losers.

Last year we decided to write down exactly what we believed the perfect home-based business would have.

The product of course, was our primary focus. It had to be all-natural, with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or stimulants. Since I have have been a natural remedy fanatic for almost the same amount of time that my husband I have been researching home-based businesses this element was crucial to our decision.

The next thing we were looking for was a company with a compensation plan that would reward everyone that joined the company. It also had to have a low price point. Something that would be affordable to the average person in today’s economy.

The company had to be debt-free. The executives had to have an understanding of what a good, solid company could do to help to turn the tide of the home-based businesses industry. They had to “leave their egos at the door” and do the things necessary to insure the success of everyone that joined their company.

The company also had to provide training to insure the success of the individuals that joined their company. Again, most companies will tell you anything to get you to join them and then do nothing to train you to help you succeed.

Most of all the company that we would like to join had to be motivated by a cause greater than the almighty dollar. They had to have a charitable heart.

Are you searching for the same things we were? If so, join us. We have found the company that meets and exceeds all of the previous criteria and more.

For more information about this company, check out this article in Direct Selling News. It speaks volumes more that we ever could on why we joined this company.

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