Thursday, October 15, 2009

Legitimate Home-Based Business or Scam?

There are a lot of home-based businesses to choose from. However, there are also a lot of Scams. How can you tell the difference? My husband, Allan and I have been investigating home-based businesses for nearly 2 decades. I decided to create a list of some of the things that most Scams have in common. Feel free to add to this list if you like.

1. Scams usually promise that you will become rich over-night without any effort on your part. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Scams do not post phone numbers that you can call and talk to to a real person during normal business hours. You will usually get a recording or a number that you can call to place an order but not actually be able to make contact with anyone at the company.

3. Scams do not usually offer a product or service. Their product is usually the purchase of the system to make money.

4. Scams usually cost a lot of money to get started, but not always. Usually, it is a one-time purchase with no opportunity to earn a residual income.

Scams will never promise you or give you a money-back guarantee on their product or service if you are not completely satisfied.

As always, READ the fine print on any contract or policies and procedures BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. A lot of people DO NOT do this and usually wind up regretting their decision.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wealth of Health Care Reform

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is trying to encourage Congress to pass the health Care Reform Bill. But no matter if the bill passes or fails, you are still going to have to be the one to take care of your health. Do not leave the future of your health Care in the governments hands alone. President Obama correctly stated, "This issue affects the health and financial well-being of every single American ".

Every single American is going to have to use health prevention techniques to help lower and even eliminate health care cost. It has been statistically proven that if people do the very basic: eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink 32 oz. of spring water a day, and live a stress-free lifestyle, it will add many more years to their life and lessen dis-ease.

The average American spends $3700 dollars per year on health cost. If you use health care prevention techniques, you save thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, I have not use the present health care system for over 32 years. This means that based on the average yearly cost, I saved over $118,400 dollars. Taking care of your health will help you to allocate those funds to build greater wealth for you and your family. Moreover, health prevention lifestyle will save you time, energy and may make you wealthy. You health is your wealth.

So, the true healthcare provider is YOU! It is time for you and I to make no more excuses and take complete and total control of our mind, body and spirit. The doctors do not heal the body, the body heals itself. It is our responsibility to assist the body in healing itself: first do no harm.

Trust that you are your first physician and tap into your intuitive abilities to let you know what is right and wrong for you. All the answers to all your wellness needs lies within side of you. God has given you what you need to live a great life.

Hence, you can build greater wealth and health for you, your family and our Country.

Wishing the best of health, wealth and happiness.
Just like Dr Bomani, my family has managed to avoid a lot of expense on our family's health care. We have only seen our Dr.'s for regular check-ups and only a handful of emergencies in the last 26 years. It is not that difficult to be pro-active about your health. It is so much easier to prevent illness than it is to treat it.
Well said, Dr. Bomani.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Healthy Snacks for a Healthier You

I don't know about most of you, but I can honestly say that I LOVE TO SNACK! I usually get cravings for sweets like chocolate. I can not live without peanut butter. Occasionally I crave something salty. In my teenage years, I lived for Doritos. Do any of these foods sound like they would be healthy? All of them are high in calories. 2 of them are high in salt content and my personal favorite, peanut butter is loaded with fat. Could this be part of the reason why my scale won't budge?????

Let me offer an alternative. Beef jerky. It has been a staple of the American diet for centuries. It is also a great finger food. No utensils required. It is high in protein and low in calories and fat and is very filling. You don't need to eat a lot of it to feel satisfied. It sounds like the perfect snack now, doesn't it?

There is a down side to most of the beef jerky that you purchase in stores. It is loaded with preservatives, nitrites and MSG. Not very healthy at all. Most of these ingredients give me migraines. Since I am a natural health fanatic, I do not purchase my jerky from the stores any more. So, what is a person supposed to do? Jerky Direct!

I will be honest, if this sounds like an advertisement, it is! I have tried the store brands. They are cheap. But they come with a price as I previously mentioned.

My family has been purchasing jerky from Jerky Direct for the last few months. It is delicious and nutritious. It does not contain nitrites, MSG or preservatives. It also comes in a variety of flavors. Everyone that has tried it has stated beyond a reasonable doubt, that it truly is THE BEST JERKY THEY HAVE EVER HAD!

So why not find out for yourself? Dare to compare. I know that you will be impressed.

This is also an excellent home-based business. You have a consumable product that people will purchase month after month. At $12/month plus $1.95 shipping it is affordable on any budget.
(For those who are vegetarians, they also have fruit sticks available. Give them a try. They also have snacks for your dog too!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Social networking

I have actively been using the internet to network for a couple of months. It has been a REAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Once again, when you first start out, you get a lot more information than you could ever possibly comprehend, much less put into practice. There are as many resources available to help you network on the internet as there are people using them. It is all VERY OVERWHELMING.

Fortunately, I catch on fast. At least that's what my friends tell me. Let me give you some basic rules to follow. This is not just for internet marketing but marketing yourself to others as well.
Especially if you find that you are in need of an income because of being down-sized, or any other tragic circumstance that is likely to occur.

Rule #1. People do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care! Let's face it. We are all selfish whether we want to admit it or not. We really don't care about offers from you. We are just trying to tell you about our offers. We want you to purchase whatever product or service we are offering because we know it is the best thing to come along since "home-made bread." Other people feel the same way that you do about their own business or service. So, how do you show people that you care about their offers or services? It's simple. You ask them. Be sincerely interested in their programs and they will become sincerely interested in yours.

Rule #2. Most of the population believes that network marketing is a SELLING BUSINESS. A good friend and mentor has informed me otherwise. Network marketing is a TELLING BUSINESS. If you have to sell someone your services or products, odds are they are not going to stay very interested for very long. When you tell them about your business and how it can HELP them in ways that they need, they are more likely to trust you and then get involved with what you are promoting. NONE OF US LIKE TO BE SOLD ON ANYTHING. We like to sell ourselves.

Rule #3.
Know which sites are the most helpful for you to use when marketing yourself on the internet. I have a couple of suggestions that have helped me considerably the last couple of months.

Facebook is not just for kids anymore. It is an excellent place to advertise your business for free and network with other people who have similar interests. Look for your friends or find a group of like-minded individuals to develop friendships with. Remember to be genuinely interested in who ever you develop a relationship with. is a tremendous resource once you learn how to use it. It's not just for blogging. It truly is a powerful tool for promoting your own business, regardless of what that business is. If you are interested in starting a twitter account, let me know. To follow me on twitter, click on:

Never underestimate blogging. This is a tremendous way to get the word out about whatever you are doing. This site is great for receiving valuable teaching on how to create a blog and your own niche in the internet community.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why multi-level marketing?

What's so great about Multi-Level Marketing? The obvious answer is that they pay on more than one level. You don't just get paid for your own efforts. You get paid for helping other people's efforts and for helping them succeed. They provide a "network of support."  The more people you help succeed, the more you will succeed! In our current economy, where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to survive on two incomes, let alone one, more and more professionals and educated people like you are joining network marketing companies. 

The honest and reputable companies that are doing things the "right way." They attract people who really do care about helping others. They do create a network of support.

My favorite motivational speaker of ALL TIME is Zig Ziglar. His philosophy has always been that you can have everything you want in life when you help enough people to get what they want. He has also stated the following on network marketing, or multi-level marketing, "Network marketing, more than any other structure I have ever seen, brings that concept into manifestation."

For those of you who are familiar with Stephen R. Covey, (One of his most popular books is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), has stated, "Network marketing has come of age, it's a way to independence for millions of people."

So, if you are looking for a low-cost network marketing company that exemplifies these concepts, check out Jerky Direct!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MLM-How to choose a compensation plan

Previously I discussed what to do before choosing a home-based business. Now I would like to give you a few things to look for in a compensation plan. (Make sure the company you are considering offers a legitimate product at a reasonable price.)

1. Is it easy to understand? Can you understand the requirements to earn compensation without hiring an interpreter? Can you explain it to a 6 year old?

2. Is it clear how much you must purchase in order to earn compensation on your down line? Are there several ways to earn an income? (Through retail sales of the product, fast-start bonuses, long-term residual income on your downline, etc.)

3. Does the compensation plan reward the part-time marketer as well as the full-time marketer? Most people who get involved with an MLM company are part-timers looking to get started earning an income so that they can eventually replace their full-time income from their J-O-B's.

4. Is it a balanced leg, binary system? This is by far the most difficult compensation plan to understand. Do you have to attain a certain amount of retail volume or sponsor someone to purchase a required amount before you can earn any commission. Is that amount more than most people can comfortably afford?

5. Is there a point system involved? Which for me does not make any sense at all. The amounts should be clear in dollars not points. This is equally as confusing in most cases as the binary marketing plans.

6. Expandable matrix compensation plans would be the ideal situation. I believe these plans can create laziness on the part of most, because they expect their up lines to do the work, while they earn a check. Compensation plans should be beneficial for all involved. Although it can be a good tool to motivate people to do their part to help their down lines once they see an income coming in through no effort of their own. Which, from my own personal experience rarely happens.

Once again, there is a lot more I could include, but I believe this list covers the most common types of marketing plans.

As an example of a company that I consider to meet the above requirements, I would like to suggest that you take a look at Jerky Direct. They offer a legitimate product at a reasonable price and the compensation plan is straight-forward and simple to understand.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home-based businesses/Things to consider before getting involved.

How many home-based businesses have you been involved with that didn't live up to your expectations? My husband and I have been involved with more than a few. We have researched probably hundreds over the last 20 years. Most people would call us quitters. Most people would say that the businesses we were involved with didn't fail us, we failed them because we quit too soon.

I don't entirely agree. There a certain things the average person needs to consider BEFORE getting involved with any home-based business. I would like to share a few of them with you.

1. What is the actual cost of getting involved with the company? Not just the product, but the advertising that comes along with any business you decide to promote.

2. Is there a legitimate product involved that you simply can not live without? Is it reasonably priced?

3. If there is a sponsor involved, do you trust him or her? Are you willing to be trained by them
and honestly believe they have your best interests at heart?

4. If you are doing business with a company, is there a phone number you can call and get your questions answered by a "real person?" This is critical when determining if the company is legitimate or a scam.

5. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau?

6. Does the company have an actual mailing address and not a post office box? Most legitimate companies have a mailing address.

I am sure I could list a few more considerations, but I will end this blog for now. Stay tuned for further updates.